Our Team


All the illustrations and characters of the game have been made by ORNIX 775, a Venezuelan teenager with Asperger's Syndrome, Autism Spectrum disorder.

Also, the story behind the game comes from his creativity. She has more than 5 years developing this fantastic world.

Graphic Design

The layout and design of the cards and the merchandise is by Carmen Elena Peña, designer and visual artist with more than 25 years of experience.

Ejecutive Production

Production is under de direction of Jihana Rafe and Jomir Castro, 

Game Mechanics 

Yuri Abrahan Castro, Official Magic: The Gathering judge, Gamer and expert in role-playing  and board games, designed the game mechanics and instructions.


Game production team composed of editorial consultants, responsible for game,  translation, impresions, perks and management of social networks: Jose "Chepe" Castro, Wilmore Silva, Jorge Vasquez, and others. 


We are a group of creative and enthusiastic people, who have combined our passion and
our talents to design an entertaining game with an original story. We love to play, create, have fun, imagine and share our worlds with people.

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