Cards Game 

We present our card game, for 2 to 4 players, for ages 9 to 99 years old. 
You play with 4 basic factions: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth, and the Magic element for the use of special abilities. Each faction is made up of a 50-card deck. Bring manual with the mechanics and rules of the game.

Magic Crystals

  • Charge the soldiers with energy to attack the opponents.
  • Pay the cost of special cards.
  • Use special abilities of soldiers and spells.

Intuitive layout

Easy to play, thanks to its light design to show the information in the card, allowing a quick play.

Original characters

The Elembiest Resistance has been made up of Ifternians and inhabitants of the other continents, of the planet Huoghak, to face the Anaxke Legion. That is why you will find a variety of characters, with particular abilities and powers.

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